Olmué Colombia is the union of the Colombian company Oriente SA Fruticola Olmué of Chile. Oriente, Colombian company with a clear farm from 1912 especially in the cultivation, sale of sugarcane and sugarcane processing in the provision of agricultural services and construction. Fruticola Olmué, participating since 1994 market subtropical fruits and vegetables frozen IQF technology (Individually Quick Frozen) for international markets.

Both companies were in search of new business, East interested in products related to its corporate purpose to generate added value to their current activities and inclined to agribusiness activities that generate employment and Chilean Fruticola Olmué interested in incorporating tropical products its portfolio of frozen fruits and vegetables. They believe that their activities and experience can conveniently be combined in a joint search for new business.

After a process of exploring various alternatives, decide to form in February 2010 a company in Colombia, called “Olmué Colombia” for processing and marketing of tropical fruits and vegetables frozen and serve the international market, opening and generating needs in the domestic market. In July 2011 the DIAN declares the existence of the Special Permanent Free Trade Zone Single User Olmué Colombia as industrial goods and services. In August 2011, the construction of our plant and administrative headquarters. Finally in July 2012 began operations Olmué Colombia.