11 Feb 2013
February 11, 2013

Olmué begins frozen fruit exports

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With a processing plant in Palmira, Colombia, Olmué processes fresh fruit to be exported as IQF fruit (Individual Quick Frozen) to markets in Europe and
the United States.

“At the moment we are processing bananas, papayas and pineapples,” said Rodrigo Villegas. “We use bananas from Colombia’s northern coast, where production is quite high every year.” The firm began operations in July 2012. IQF fruit is fresh fruit which is very quickly frozen, preserving the product’s organoleptic properties.
“We export to markets located in Europe, the United States and Asia,” said Villegas. “Cavendish bananas are among the fruits we currently export; a variety internationally recognised for its flavour and texture.”
Colombia is well known for its great variety of tropical fruits, but when it comes to frozen products, the market is still opening to fruits like pineapples, papayas, cape gooseberries and strawberries, for which demand is on the rise.
Olmué’s plant is delivering pineapple and papaya orders in various formats, such as fruit chunks.
“We will soon start working with strawberries,” said Villegas. “We are promoting the development of new areas in the valley, as most strawberries are produced in high-altitude regions.”
“We are open to all possibilities when it comes to fruit exports,” said Villegas. “If someone is interested, we are willing to explore every option.”
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Tel: +57 22705550
Source: www.Freshplaza.es